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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Such fun to see Bill Sourour ( Sparks) last week. He took me to dinner. "Choose a nice place you like, " he said. That's pretty sweet! I persuaded him to try the mango- coconut ice cream, but, no matter what, I couldn’t get him to disturb the happy face carefully created in the sauce! Bill is such a softie. He is working hard on government computer contracts… in technical work, Bill is an ace, flying through the keys, the Red Baron of the computer. He taught me some tricks for my blog! Thanks, Bill.

Bill has several very neat blogs of his own— one just for interesting videos and poems and jokes etc., and one for his photographs, mostly taken in Paris and the Dominican Republic. Here are their addresses: http://myspace.com/billsparks, and http://billsparks.deviantart.com/
And Kurt Smeaton and sweet Jamie Dee Franklin are up there too, on myspace.com; Bill showed me their sites.

If you see the slide show here, thank Bill who showed me how to do it. If you don't see it yet, blame Bill--no, ME! Untechnical ME! And check back!


I went to Christie Watson's night of one acts at Club Saw. We really enjoyed Christie’s piece, which was very unconventional, and used Christie, Katie as a VERY active techie, an overhead projector, and water, light and swirling colour in the water – not to mention a conch shell, a man in a black hood and a praying mantis. The piece was inventive and also supremely funny.

The atmosphere was warm and artsy, there was wine and tea, and, wouldn’t you know, Barry Karp and CHS students in the audience! Christie’s philosophy/aesthetic sees him opening up technology to make it a visible participant in theatre. Christie is very busy, with a show for the NAC coming up after Christmas, teaching at OSSD and working for GCTC full-time.

The other play at Club Saw was excellent too- an actor from Kingston and a writer/artistic director from there too. Super acting and a tight script. The audience was very enthusiastic about both plays.
It was fun walking through the rooms and getting lost in the gallery (there were many people painting walls which all seemed to blend into each other.)


I saw Levon Henderson and Adam Denault this summer, and Brian Frommer came up from Kingston to visit for a day. Jehan Khoorshed was over for a day last week. Jessica Besser- Rosenberg and Neil Smith visited. Sheri Segal and I went to some movies together. Steve Fisher was by. David Nugent took me out to dinner. I saw Marjorie Malpass in her phenomenal The Number 14 this spring, and later she came for dinner. I saw Matthew Edison at the NAC, and then he spent a day with me. Robin Toller, Andrew Dillon and Trisha Allison visited together.

And I saw Cari Leslie at the SIC show. Also Chelsea O’Connor, Greg Cochrane and Jordan Foster at the Fringe in Ottawa, and after their play at Arts Court. And now, Bill Sourour.
I visited with Yovanka McBean, Tyler Westerlund and Jesse Griffiths in Toronto. And I worked with Debbie Grinnell, Mike Milligan, and Duncan Valliant-Saunders, and saw Teri Loretto!
And also Chris Fraser, Anna Humphrey and David Deveau, from Lit.

And wow – from Laurentian and the Laurentian Arts Guild, from 1978, I saw at different times, Becky Brown and Sheila Theoret, David McCue, Brian Sutherland and Ken Bartlett! And Greg Nelson! And Hank Bartlett... I just can’t believe how everyone looks the same in their 40’s as they did at 17 ~almost everyone, anyway~

I heard from Neil Herland, and today, October 11, all I hear on CBC Radio IS Neil, reporting from New York.

I am looking forward to seeing Marjorie, Yovanka and Neil again this week. And Sheri. Yovanka has cut off all her hair she says, and I am dying to see that!

I miss you all, I truly do. Thank you. You have made my life so rich.


BTW, Greg's radio play series about Canadian troops in Afghanistan is coming to CBC Radio in November. It should be super. In fact, the CBC has asked them to write more in the series. Yea!


2 in Toronto Paralyzed after drinking toxic carrot juice

Please--don't drink carrot juice! ( Rebecca, are you listening?) Read about the lettuce, the carrot juice and the spinach-caused Botulism/ecoli scares:

It was unfathomable, frightening to me, to hear Steph say over the phone, from LA, "what about spinach? Oh, guess I won't buy it then."

Here I am writing about it, and she is in California, the source of the e-coli that we have heard about so far, NOT KNOWING. And she LOVES baby spinach salad. Man. People are dying, paralyzed.

Is nothing sacred?

Did you hear, see the news this week, about Canada's vegetables and fruit inspections? No?

Canada's inspectors find 10% of fruit and vegetables unsuitable because of too much poison, too much pesticide residue. The United States find 76% and the UK 40%.
What accounts for the difference? Is Canada better, squeaky clean?

No! Canada is LAX. And Canadian inspectors look for only a fraction of the number of pesticides that the more advanced world looks for.


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