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Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20, 2006


Choices : O’Brien, Chiarelli, Munter. Who will you vote for? ( Ok, "whom" is correct.)

For Mayor - NOT O’Brien. Please. Not millionaire, pesticide-approving O’Brien. Look what he said: Sure, lawn pesticides are ok - in fact I would reinstate their use in parks and playing fields.


Ok, so you’re not out there playing in the grass, ending up face down on the pesticide-laden field. But maybe a neighbour is. Maybe you are sitting on that grass with your girl friend, maybe you are babysitting, or watching YOUR babies run around, and get rosy cheeks - and fall, and take big deep breaths of PESTICIDE-LADEN AIR into their lungs…

Maybe your parents are breathing huge doses of pesticides spread by lawn-care addicts, oblivious to human health. Maybe it’s a hot, muggy day, and the pesticides are killing the slugs and white grubs…and steaming up into the air… maybe you are running or playing on the grass and breathing them in.

We want our mayor and council to be AWARE and RESPONSIBLE.
How can anyone today be so oblivious to the real cancer concerns of these pesticides that they even SAY pesticides are all right, even if they actually believe it?


And get this: a report card for Ottawa's city council, from our environmental groups. TEN councillors get an F. Even on a bell curve with a passing grade of 30%! Ten out of nineteen FAIL. www.ottawaenvironmentalvotes.org

EIGHT of them get F MINUS. Two receive a grade of F.

Please vote. Please make this report count. Please change things.

Here are the names and grades:

F Minus
These councillors never- even ONCE - voted for any environmental measure:
Say goodbye:
Jan Harder, Gord Hunter, Shawn Little, Doug Thompson, Rick Chiarelli, Glenn Brooks, Rob Jellett, Eli-El-Chantiry.

They almost never voted for the environment, but were real hindrances instead:
Say goodbye:
PETER HUME ( He HEADS Ottawa’s planning and environment committee! How scary is that!)
Maria McRae.

Rainer Bloess. Diane Deans and our current mayor, Bob Chiarelli

Michel Bellemare ( C -) Georges Bedard and Peggy Feltmate.

Janet Stavinga. Jacques Legendre. ( B+)

Clive Doucet. Diane Holmes

A +
Alex Cullen.

Please vote. Make a decision based on real factors. Make the environment one of them. Vote.


was amazing! Warm and joyful and comfortable, human and convincingly REAL, he invited us into his world. I wouldn’t have missed Ryerson’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle for anything. It was superb. It was tight, funny, engaging every minute, thoroughly inventive, finely detailed and absorbing. The ensemble playing was just excellent. Not a beat missed, and every moment was carefully honed, much even enchanting. And BIG! Jesse and Simon Rainville both performed in the play. Simon’s Old Man was wonderful, and Jesse and Simon SANG together for us! On key and everything! Such a treat!

Jesse had a huge part. He was the judge, Azdak, and he was warm and huge, ( I know you know what I mean), commanding the stage and every moment of my attention. He was physical and funny, wise and wryly solemn. ( He was the Jesse I knew so well.) If you haven’t read what Toronto’s entertainment paper, Now, says about Jesse in this show, here it is:

Jesse Griffiths who dominates the second half... knows how to beguile performers with an outrageous performance and a twinkle in his eye....Griffith's appearance with his wonderful audience rapport moves the piece into high gear.


The production was strongly directed, disciplined, controlled, smooth and seemingly simple ( my favourite dictum: ars est celare artem.) It was also physical, balanced, and visual. And beautifully musical. And funny. What a fine job those Ryerson students did. My friend couldn’t remember when she had ever enjoyed a play as much. That’s fine praise! I loved it. We had gone to the matinee because there were no tickets for evening shows, and I would have gone again if I could.

After the show I talked to Simon, who looked great, and was happy, and then was gone so fast! We ran after him to get a photo for this blog, but he was off, into the wet windy afternoon. Jesse was mobbed in the hall, but he finally reached us. I had gasped in the play when he had been slammed on the side of the head with a briefcase, and now the evidence was on his face.
I hated to leave him, the time in his company on stage had been intimate and warm, just as if he were here, practising and laughing in my living room. I loved his performance, and Jesse too. I was reminded of how very much I miss my team. : ( Every day.


I was aching to see Anna and her new baby.

Anna’s baby, Grace, is absolutely beautiful, calm and gorgeous, a darling like her mama, and Anna let me hold her! Her tiny socks were too big!
Anna looked terrific, calm and healed. Altogether well. She says life with Grace is easy. I feel at ease too, now. Anna sent me some photos and is allowing me to share.


My friend, beautiful Carol, and I have been friends since we were in high school together, sharing clothes and classes, laughter and secrets. Carol and Jan spoiled me in their luxurious and elegant condo, and looked after me every moment during my visit to Toronto. We saw two movies, including The Queen ( great performances), rode the subway, buses, escalators, elevators ( I did it!), shopped, went to wonderful Indian and Italian restaurants,(mmm), and talked. (lots. Secrets.)

Next week I am leaving for a week in Los Angeles and then a week in Vancouver. So exciting, a birthday gift from Stephanie and Glenn.
I am coming home in time to see Gordon Lightfoot at the National Arts Centre.

(I think I am starting to figure out how to retire!!)


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