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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Look who I saw in Vancouver in November!
The beginning of the rain...

Hamza Adam, Chris Cochrane, Duane Keogh and Levon Henderson

And lovely Marjorie Malpass

Dear Lucas and Liz and their Lovely Home

Beautiful Becca

and her graceful, strong and fluid Tai Chi/ Qi Gong/ Kung Fu

And my far-away, beloved family: Ileana, Jason, Erika, Esme, Elias, Rebecca

Vancouver was full of warmth and joy, memories and love, comfort and hugs. Everybody needed another visit...

The mountains, the ocean and Stanley Park, the Lion's Gate Bridge, City Hall, and Granville Island, North Vancouver, Hastings and Main, the Buddhist Centre, Banyen Book Store, the salmon stream, the tea rooms, the living rooms, the pubs, the beaches, the three-legged dog on the beach, the comedy, my Becca, everything glowed or glittered, everyone shone, pouring rain, soft rain or no rain.

It was wonderful to see you all, oh RICH Vancouver, Lady of the Grey Light!
Lots of love.


Blogger aljo said...

Hi Jane, i am in search of Rebecca... i have multiple different e-mail addresses from the past years but every time i try sending a message out, i only get a very monotonous message back from MailerDaemon telling me that my message did not get through. Having googled like crazy the past months, it dawned on me that maybe i could find her via you. Do you have her contact info for me? I really need to get in touch. I love your blog by the way - i read all of them... what happened after June? kind regards from sunny Milano, Italy.

2:06 AM  

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