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Sunday, November 26, 2006

LOS ANGELES in October

In Los Angeles there was beautiful Stephanie. And 84 degrees. And a collision of east and west, of the barren and the beautiful, the most extraordinary flora, the most stunning views - the colours, blue, sand, beige, rust - I tried, but I couldn't even begin to capture images which would truly recreate the spirit.

Here is what I have.

The Pacific Coast Highway - to Santa Barbara

The streets are lined with trees.... Santa Monica and Rodeo Drive

Speaking of trees, I could hardly believe this one, the stuff of dream --or nightmare. It took us two days to identify it, as a Ficus.

Some famous names and places:

Some hand- and foot- prints of Hollywood stars in the courtyard of Mann's Chinese Theatre. Jack Nicholson has BIG hands!

In Venice, there are canals, and every expensive home here has a little garden filled with exotic flowers and palm trees, or pink parasols and flamingoes, and a boat on the water.


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